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Once more

“Once More unto the breach, dear friends, once more

–Wm. Shakespeare


Last minute preparation for a trek is nerve wracking. I have a day left to assemble everything I need for a nine-week ramble. Unlike previous motorized expeditions, this one will be augmented by feet, trains, buses and more feet.

Italy, Namibia and Corsica. The joy of this venture is that I know people in all of these places. I’ve known my Italian in-laws the longest. They are spread out through the entire peninsula from Matera to Milan.

My Namibian connection is Dominic Von Strosser (I am not taking the time to find WordPress’s umlaut plug-in. Those days are over.). A motorized explorer and photographer extraordinare. Then back to Milan for family conviviality before striking out for Corsica with my youngest.

Looking forward to connecting with the folks from Piu Luntanu, the round the world motorcyclists I met last year on the PCH. They got me thinking about Corsica as soon as I met them.

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