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FJ40 in Ensenada

I’ve tilted at windmills on and off through my life. My windmills are big goals. Build a house, start a business, have kids, keep a marriage together. That kind of thing. Once in a while I get a notion to tilt at something less common. Something that tests my resolve and skills. Overlanding fills that need for me. 

After years of writing for others, I’m taking time to write for a new audience. One that shares my passion for adventure travel, vehicles, food, technology and culture.

In 1977 I started a circumnavigation of North and Central America. I completed the southern half of the journey in 5 months, traveling from Philadelphia, PA to Santa Cruz, CA by way of Mexico, Belize and Guatamala. At the time I thought I’d be able to complete the northern part of the circumnavigation within 5 years. It’s been 37 years and I still haven’t completed the journey. Operation Windmills is an account of picking up an old passion and tilting at that windmill one more time.

Along the way you’ll learn everything I know about staying sane and enjoying yourself no matter where you are. You’ll learn how to keep your engine running, cargo organized and your mind focused on the tasks ahead. I’ll provide reviews of the gear I’ve selected and show you how to keep yourself safe and comfortable in unexplored lands.